Click on the link below to read the press release from DJO Global.

DJO Global closes their EMPI, electrotherapy division.

DJO has closed the doors of their EMP, their electrotherapy division, nationwide.  They will no longer be providing electrotherapy devices to patients or to clinics. Pain Rehab Products is here to fill the void. We can bill a majority of insurances, including Medicare, and a have many different style of devices to satisfy the needs of many patients.

Pain Rehab Products can consign units to be placed in clinics, mail TENS units, as well as place TENS units in a home or clinical setting in St. Louis, MO and Central and Southern Illinois.

Pain Rehab Products uses Roscoe Medical electrotherapy devices. We have TENS, EMS, IF, Russian, Micro, and HPGV devices. Not all are covered by insurance, but we will be happy to check and give recommendations on how/which devices can be covered.

I you or you clinic have any specific needs, feel free to contact Hunter Fixley at 314-832-7246.

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