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The rep handled my case in a prompt and efficient manner. Her care and concern during my time of frustration was amazing and so appreciated. I would recommend Pain Rehab Products to anyone in the future. I thank them for all they have done to make my trying time easier.

Patricia V. (Bridgeton, Missouri)

Why pain rehab products?

Pain Rehab Products, Inc. (PRP), a Missouri company, was established in March 2001 and rapidly became one of the regions largest providers of Durable Medical Equipment (DME), specializing in pain management and rehabilitation products. Product specialties include; lower and upper extremity bracing/orthoses, spinal and cervical bracing/orthoses, cervical traction, electrotherapy modalities, contracture management, and bone growth stimulators.

In 2002, PRP, Inc. formed a partnership group to establish ROM Care LLC. Rom Care’s primary business model is to provide continuous passive motion (CPM) equipment. The partners acquired ABF Health Services, Inc. in 2006. ABF/ROM Care Health Services LLC is the market leader in cpm devices and DVT prophylaxis products in the St. Louis metropolitan region.

PRP Inc. has experienced, qualified staff to assist with customer (clinician/patient) care and positive outcomes.

Our Mission

We strive to exceed customers expectations by providing efficascious medical products with the knowledge and technicals skills to aid in managing patients care.

Pain Rehab Products carries a diverse line of spinal products. Whether the conditions are cervical, thoracic or lumbar related; we can offer you a brace that will help control the patient's pain, stabilize their spine, and promote healing.

Electrotherapy is a great way to help control pain, fight disuse atrophy, or relieve muscle spasms. Bone growth stimulators are even an effective tool for healing problem fractures and spinal fusions. We offer a wide variety of electrotherapy products to enhance patient outcomes.

We offer many different products for the upper extremity; wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Whether it be a brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, an orthosis to control elbow hyperextension, or post surgical abduction sling. Pain Rehab Products has you covered.

Pain Rehab Products handles knee braces for ligament injuries, medial and lateral compartmental pain, patellofemoral tracking issues, and instability problems. We measure, fit, and follow-up with our patients. We also carry products for the foot ankle, and hip.

Hot/Cold therapy units are used by patients who are having surgery or who have suffered an injury. The unit regulates the water between 40-50 degrees in cold mode, and 80-120 degrees in hot mode, making it a safer and more convenient way of icing/heating after a surgical procedure or following an injury.

Just a few of our top sellers.

Össur Unloader One X

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InTENSity Select Combo II

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Ossur Miami LSO™

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Össur Rebound® PCL

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