Solum IV by Celling Biosciences

An inorganic solution to organic bone growth. Solum IV is novel bone grafting material. It is FDA cleared as a bone void filler when combined with autologous bone marrow.

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Solum IV is a synthetic extracellular matrix biomaterial with a well-organized architecture of interconnected pores designed to support cell adhesion, migration, and proliferation1. Utilizing a naturally-derived biopolymer, Solum IV, when combined with bone marrow aspirate, becomes a moldable, three-dimensional structure capable of conforming to the full geometry of the recipient site, creating an in vivo bioreactor for bone growth. The hydroxyapatite particles utilize their high porosity and interconnecting macro-structures to facilitate transportation of nutrients and fluids, leading to production of new tissue through cell-to-cell communication, as well as communication with the surrounding environment.


Proprietary Processing

  • Designed for cells
  • Unique pore size and structure
  • Versatility in design

Novel Structure

  • Biomimetic architecture
  • Large continuous surface area
  • Optimized to support neovascularization

Environmentally Intelligent

  • Moldable
  • Supports the natural healing process
  • Facilitates proliferation


  • Enhanced cell attachment
  • Osteogenic gene expression activated in vitro
  • In vivo bone growth


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