Ossur Rebound Air Walker

The Rebound Air Walker is the standard in foot and ankle care. It features a host of details designed to provide superior compression, simplified application and usage, improved comfort and ultimately, more successful patient outcomes. The Rebound Air Walker can be ordered with an optional Achilles wedge kit.

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  • Linked medial and lateral air bladders with a single inflation point provide balanced compression and are shaped to cradle the Achilles, holding the heel in place
  • Moisture-wicking softgood helps keep skin dry and comfortable
  • Straps fasten in front for easy application, adjustment and removal
  • EVA material provides greater shock absorption in the heel
  • Fully-integrated air pump and release valve provides easy, tool-free inflation and deflation for fine-tuned, consistent compression
  • Flex Edge™ overmolding conforms to each patient’s unique anatomy to help limit the formation of pressure points
  • Rocker bottom promotes a natural, stable gait, while a trimmable, semi-soft toe bumper provides added protection
  • Ventilated panels and moisture wicking softgoods reduce microbial buildup

Common Examples of Use

  • Foot and ankle conditions that may benefit from motion restriction, such as:
    • Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains
    • Stable foot fractures
    • Tendon or ligamentous sprain During postoperative or rehab phase. If used with the Achilles Wedge Kit, Achilles ruptures can be treated as well.

Rebound® Achilles Wedge Kit

The Achilles tendon is highly vulnerable to injury because of its limited blood supply and the combination of forces to which it is subjected. Current protocols suggest that immobilization and gradual reduction of plantar flexion are recommended in the treatment of Achilles ruptures.

Optimizing treatment of Achilles ruptures

The Rebound Achilles Wedge Kit, used in combination with the Rebound® Air Walker, provides an optimal solution for both functional (non-surgical) and postsurgical treatment of Achilles ruptures.

The Rebound Air Walker provides immobilization, protection and comfort, while the Rebound Achilles Wedge Kit provides adjustable angles of plantar flexion that can be easily modified through the rehabilitation process. Its lightweight construction and anatomical design improve patient comfort while the patented universal arch support helps maintain heel position within the walker.

High-Top (standard)* Low-Top** Size Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
B-242900001 B-242900061 X-Small 2-4 3.5-5.5
B-242900002 B-242900062 Small 4-7 5.5-8.5
B-242900003 B-242900063 Medium 7-10.5 8.5-12
B-242900004 B-242900064 Large 10.5-12.5 12-14
B-242900005 B-242900065 X-Large 12.5-15 14-16.5
*For Canada High-Top Option add “EC” to product code, e.g. B-242900001EC
**For Low-Top Option Only: Foot and ankle conditions that may benefit from motion restriction, such as: Stable foot fractures, tendon or ligamentous sprain during postoperative or rehab phase.
Rebound Air Walker – Replacement Softgoods
High-Top Low-Top Size Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
B-418030101 B-418030161 X-Small 2-4 3.5-5.5
B-418030102 B-418030162 Small 4-7 5.5-8.5
B-418030103 B-418030163 Medium 7-10.5 8.5-12
B-418030104 B-418030164 Large 10.5-12.5 12-14
B-418030105 B-418030165 X-Large 12.5-15 14-16.5
Rebound Air Walker – Achilles Wedge Kit
Part# Specifications Size
AWK0001 Fits Rebound Air Walker XS/SM Small
AWK0005 Fits Rebound Air Walker MD Medium
AWK0009 Fits Rebound Air Walker LG/XL Large
AWK00015 Fits Rebound Air Walker SM/MD/LG/XL Universal
Rebound Air Walker Walker Covers
Size Hygiene Covers (2 pcs) Durable Weather Cover Disposable Weather Cover (20 pcs)
Small B-418500602 B-418500502 B-418500512
Medium B-418500603 B-418500503 B-418500512
Large B-418500604 B-418500504 B-418500514
X-Large B-418500605 B-418500505 B-418500514
Rebound Air Walker Walker Socks
Item Item No
Walker Sock – Universal AV242901
Walker Strap Extension B-502100101