Össur Miami J® Cervical Collar

Known as the superior c-spine immobilizer on the market through multiple independent studies, the Miami J Collar’s patented design meets the specialized needs of all those afflicted with cervical injuries. The Miami J offers features that enhance compliance and help speed recovery while ensuring immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown and patient comfort.

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  • Sorbatex™ II padding is antibacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth, which enhances comfort and helps assure patient compliance
  • Bioengineered to minimize pressure points in key known areas; chin, occiput, trapezious and clavicle
  • Sizing based on 7 phenotypes to ensure proper fit and optimum immobilization
  • Comfort adjustment buttons for occiput and mandible, removable sternal pad for supine and swallowing

Miami J® Cervical Collar Competency Course – 1.5 CEUs

The Miami J Cervical Collar Competency Course is available to healthcare professionals 24/7. Instruction includes adult & pediatric sizing, application, routine skin care, and comfort adjustments. Accessory products such as the Occian Back and the JTO are also included. Login to Start Course


“The Miami J is great compared to the one I received when I arrived in the ER. No, not just great -fabulous.”
-Jim K., Happy Miami J Customer

“I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so I have a lot of pain. I have bought the Miami J Collar and I highly recommend it for anyone. This has been a god send in my life. I give it a 10 out of 10 for pain relief and support!”
-Brian R., Happy Miami J Customer

Collar Study

Range-of-Motion Restriction and Craniofacial Tissue-Interface Pressure From Four Cervical Collars

Ann N. Tescher, RN, PhD, CNS; Aaron B. Rindflesch, PT, PhD; James W. Youdas, PT; Therese M. Jacobson, RN, CNS; Lisa L. Downer, RN, CNS; Anne G. Miers, RN, CNS; Jeffrey R. Basford, MD, PhD; Daniel C. Cullinane, MD; Susanna R. Stevens, MS; V Shane Pankratz, PhD; Paul A. Decker, MS-Journal of Trauma-Injury Infection & Critical Care: November 2007 – Volume 63 – Issue 5 – pp 1120-1126


Background: Occipital pressure ulcers are well-known complications for trauma patients wearing cervical collars. We assessed the effects of four commercial cervical collars (Aspen, Philadelphia, Miami J, and Miami J with Occian back [Miami J/Occian]) on cervical range of motion (CROM) and mandibular and occipital tissue-interface pressure (TIP).

Methods: Forty-eight healthy volunteers (24 men, 24 women; mean age, 38.9 years +/- 10.5 years) were stratified by body mass index. CROM was measured in the seated position without and with collars. Sagittal, coronal, and rotatory CROM was measured with a goniometer. Occipital and mandibular pressures were mapped with subjects in upright and supine positions.

Results: All collars significantly restricted CROM in all planes (p < 0.001). The Philadelphia and standard Miami J collars were the most restrictive. The Aspen collar was the least restrictive for flexion and rotation. The Miami J/Occian back was the least restrictive for extension and lateral flexion. For supine measurements, Miami J and Miami J/Occian back had the lowest mean TIP, whereas Aspen and Philadelphia collars had the greatest (p < 0.001). For upright measurements, the Miami J/Occian back produced the smallest mean TIPs; the other collars, ranked by ascending TIP, were Philadelphia, Miami J, and Aspen (p < 0.001). Philadelphia and Miami J collars had significant collar-body mass index interaction effects on supine occiput mean pressure (p = 0.04).

Conclusions: Miami J and Philadelphia collars restricted CROM to the greatest extent. Miami J and Miami J/Occian back had the lowest levels of mandibular and occipital pressure; these collars may markedly reduce the risk of occipital pressure ulcers without compromising immobilization.

(C) 2007 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.


In independent university testing, the Sorbatex Miami J Collar pads outperformed the leading competitive cotton/foam laminated pad.
-Information from Grundy Laboratory Report: “Comparison Study of Miami J Collar Pads with Cotton/Foam Collar Pads,” Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, 1997.


Order Information

Miami J Cervical Collar: Collar Sets and Accessories
Collar Collar Set Replacement Pads Size
MJ-200S MJR-200S MJP-100 Super Short*
MJ-200L MJR-200L MJP-200L Stout
MJ-250 MJR-250 MJP-250 XS
MJ-500 MJR-500 MJP-100 Tall
MJ-400 MJR-400 MJP-100 Regular
MJ-300 MJR-300 MJP-100 Short
MJ-200B MJR-200B MJP-200B Bariatric
* Super Short collars are packaged with Medium Back Panels.


Miami J Cervical Collar: Front & Back Panels
Miami J Front Miami J Back Size
MJ-200SFRT MJ-400BK Super Short*
MJ-200LFRT MJ-200LBK Stout
MJ-500FRT MJ-500BK Tall
MJ-400FRT MJ-400BK Regular
MJ-300FRT MJ-300BK Short
Miami J Front and Back Panels may be interchanged to accommodate patient anatomy,
e.g., a Small Front may be used with a Large Back.
* Super Short collars are packaged with Medium Back Panels.

Please note: Choose collar size based on patient neck height, not patient body size.
Each collar has a bioengineered front with a specific back designed to work together for superior immobilization.


Miami J Instructions for use
Miami J – PDAC Letter
Miami J Patient Care Manual