Orthofix Spinal-Stim Bone Growth Stim

Spinal-Stim​​ has high success rates for spinal fusion. With an overall clinical success rate of 92 percent, Spinal-Stim provides a 36​ percent increase in lumbar fusion success when used adjunctively to surgery.1,2 Spinal-Stim is also the only osteogenesis stimulator approved as a non-surgical alternative for treating failed lumbar fusions.1,3

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Common Examples of Use

  • Spinal-Stim is a non-invasive electromagnetic bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct to spinal fusion to increase the probability of fusion success and as a non-operative treatment of salvage of failed spinal fusion, where a minimum of nine months has elapsed since the last surgery.

Product Features

  • High success rates​ for spinal fusion​ (92 percent when used adjunctively to surgery)1,2
  • Only U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved osteogenesis stimulator for non-surgically treating pseudarthrosis1,3
  • Pulsed electromagnetic f​ield (PEMF)​ treatment signal covers 360 degrees, up to five levels of fusion1,4
  • Works effectively when worn over clothing or bracing
  • Lightweight, all-in-one unit with no cords allows unrestricted patient mobility during treatment​​
  • Built-in daily​ monitoring software to track patient compliance

Spinal-Stim Instructions

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