Medi USA Spinomed IV Back Brace

The Spinomed IV posture brace is used as an effective treatment for osteoporosis. This comfortable and nonrestrictive brace is used to help prevent osteoporotic bone collapse and to help reduce the kyphotic angle of mid back.

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Common Examples of use

  • Osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Hyper-kyphosis with chronic back pain

Mode of Action

  • Initial stabilization of the spine after osteoporotic bone collapse
  • Activation of the back muscles strengthens the spine and reduces hyper-kyphosis
  • Reduces the patient’s pain and promotes activity

Product Features

  • Custom fit garment contains all panels
  • Optional posterior and anterior panels are removable as the patient improves
  • Anti-migration straps and silicone beads keep brace in position
  • No restriction of shoulder and arm movements
  • No restriction of thoracic and abdominal breathing
  • Spinomed® IV can be put on as easily as a jacket or backpack

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Medi USA Spinomed IV Back Brace