ART BMC by Celling Biosciences

The ART BMC system by Celling Biosciences concentrates autologous bone marrow aspirate effectively and efficiently at the point-of-care in 15 minutes. Cells, platelets, and proteins are found within the stratified stack of the bone marrow concentrate (BMC). The dual capture system of the ART BMC Plus allows users to selectively deconstruct the stack in order to optimize the composition of the final preparation (e.g. BMC, fibrinogen, etc.)

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The ART BMC system processes autologous bone marrow aspirate into bone marrow concentrate effectively and efficiently at point-of-care. The system recovers the greatest percentage of nucleated and progenitor cells by allowing selection of the cell concentrate from user-defined portions of the centrifuged stack.

This system is a miniaturized laboratory in a single-use sterile device. The back chamber may be used to store the platelet poor plasma without breaking sterility.

Focused on the safe handling of cells, the ART BMC has multiple ports to accommodate the fewest sterile breaks possible, so that the valuable recovered cells are exposed to the minimum circulating air contaminants.

The built-in back chamber allows for the convenience of adding platelet poor plasma (PPP) back to the bone marrow concentrate (BMC) should more volume be desired for injection; all without additional sterile breaks.


  • Functionally closed system minimizes sterile breaks
  • You can process anywhere from a minimum of 40 cc up to 60cc aspirate for a variety of applications
  • Thumb-wheel allows for selective deconstruction of fluid stack and is designed to accommodate a wide variety of variability of the patient’s hematocrit
  • Adjustable flow valve diverts fluid without additional sterile breaks


  • Efficient concentration yields of ultra-low hematocrit
  • Unmatched concentration of molecules, including fibrinogen, alpha-2 macroglobulin, and cytokines of similar molecular weights6
  • Customized fluid fractions for tailored final product (e.g. BMC, fibrinogen, A2M, etc.)
  • Eliminates turbulence by keeping buffy coat in the collection zone, can yield 3cc to 5cc on average of buffy coat from a typical 60cc bone marrow aspiration
  • Consistently achieves high yields of mononuclear cells

Competitive Summary7,8

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*MSC may be reported as CFU-F or CTP